Monday, February 21, 2011

A Brand New Toy!

I am about 27 days away from turning 30. 

When I was a kid 30 seemed older, not just because I was small and everyone over aged 16 seemed really old, but because they were doing way more grown-uppy things, like having careers and multiple babies. Even the desperately poor people seemed to have it more together, but maybe that is the skewed understanding that comes from being a tiny human. 
I don't feel ready for the responsibility of being 30, even if 30 is the new 12. Is 30 the new 12? It seems like the math works out that way if 40 is the new 20. 
Anyway, two of my favorite people decided (in their infinite grown-uppy wisdom) to soften the blow by getting me an early gift. 
I didn't know that such a thing existed (maybe I am ready to be 30) but there is a new fangled device that allows one to have internet access wherever one finds oneself. I am the proud new owner of just such a device. It comes in the form (in this case) of a small laptop and connects using 3G. 

In short, IT IS AWESOME.

Thank you to the two of you that helped soften the 30 year old blow. 

In other news, I have been spending the last couple days at Starbucks in Marble Falls, leeching the free internet they offer. There is a very cute girl who works there and she has been making eyes at me all week. I have made some eyes at her to, but most of the eyes are coming from her side of the counter. I love knowing that someone is checking me out, it makes me try harder to look cute. In fact I came up with an incredible outfit this morning so that she could see me in it and she wasn't there this morning. Then it got really hot and I changed into a new thing that was not nearly as great, when I went back inside, she was working. That's probably why it's best not to plan for these things. 
She summoned up all her courage (finally) and talked to me this evening. She's adorable and I like the feeling of intimidating someone with my beauty. 

Tomorrow is (probably) the day the boyfriend and I pack it in and leave Marble Falls for the trek through more of small-town Texas. 
Today was awesome!

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