Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Viva La Revolution!

The boyfriend discusses starting a revolution approximately
I'm like, then start one, and he's all "you can't just start one it takes planning" 
Apparently in order to start a revolution one needs to talk to their girlfriend ad nauseum about all the reasons the government is fucked up right now, and all of the brilliant plans to fix it, without ever doing anything more about it. Knowing that, it's hard to believe that there aren't more revolutions going on, or maybe there are millions.

I like talking about the state of the country and the problems/solutions that would fix everything for about 4 hours a year, tops. After that it feels like I am bringing giant piles of negativity into my life for no reason. 
I get it, the country is not run ideally, and there are about eleventy million things that one would change if they were in power. Ever notice the people who want things to change the most have never been in any kind of position involving bureaucratic  power? 

I used to be way more activist-y and idealistic, but over the years it has become clear to me that the only power I have over change is the power to change my own underwear whenever I want. When I first realized that great power I changed my panties four, five times a day. Then I realized the great responsibility that comes with such power... I had to wash my laundry pretty much constantly. Other than the small personal changes that I can do all by myself without organizing great herds of people, I am not interested in change. 
Mundane, mediocre, denial-based happiness is way more my speed. I'm happy here, just like the rest of Americans who would rather have their affordable priced home decor items from Walmart than to carry a giant gun and risk my life for future generations. I'm probably a selfish asshole, but I have inexpensive home decor to make me feel better. 

In other news, the boyfriend and I were called back to Austin with a gimmick that promised us fame and fortune, we were let down and we are back in the vortex. We may never get out, though the plan is to leave tomorrow morning. 
Texas is BIG y'all, that's why people spend their whole lives here, it's not Texas pride, it's lack of will to spend three days in a car and still be in the same state they started in.

I did a short Google search on Texas and found out that there are plans to put a giant, bamboo reinforced, helium filled banana in the sky that would only be visible from Texas. It will be 300m long. That is fucking brilliant.

If I do get behind the revolution it would only be to insure that the giant banana over Texas actually happens.


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