Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dabbling in Careers, Fashion Victim Mentality and a Movie Review.

I worked as an interior design assistant this weekend. 
It has a totally glamorous title right? I thought it would be totally glamorous, but just like the movie business it has a shiny veneer with very little glitter inside. 
I moved furniture and washed things with windex. I think those particular job duties are very transferable though, so all is not lost. 

Today I applied for a job that asks for someone to hand out candy and smile.

Nobody has ever been more qualified for that job than me, nobody. 

I'm sure of it. 

*Fingers Crossed*

In other news I am  trying to be accepted as a hopeless loser (fashionably speaking) for the show "What Not to Wear". I think, now that I am almost 30 I will surely qualify as a fashion victim. 
*Fingers Crossed*

I went to a movie the other day called Red Riding Hood. It was just like Twilight except without the vampires and abs. Which are the only reasons to see Twilight. There was a magic cloak that inexplicably got longer and longer, that was pretty neat.

That's all I have for you. 

You're welcome.

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